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Helping to ignite the Alberta entrepreneurial spirit in the province we call home.

Start your company with the assistance of a corporate lawyer!

Registering a
business shouldn’t
be rocket science.

We Make It Easy.

Lawnch is here to help you incorporate online with simple step-by-step forms and you’ll have the assistance of an experienced corporate lawyer along the way.

You can skip spending infinity (and beyond!) in law offices and registry lines; we offer a fully digital solution from launch to land. From business incorporation to annual maintenance, minute books to name changes, amendments to corporate documents — and everything in between — we’ve got you covered.

Flat-rate fees for each service mean no hidden costs, and we will make sure you’re set up right and running smoothly, regardless of your business journey.

While we’ve moved corporate services online to save you time and money, we promise a human, helpful experience when you need it. All our services come with full access to our team of legal professionals.

Lawnch in 3, 2, 1

We know getting off the ground can be the hardest part of starting a business. It’s our mission to help you do it right.


Incorporate your business. Learn all about incorporating your newest business venture today.


Annual return and minute books made easy. Learn all about corporate maintenance today.


Comprehensive legal services to support your business. Let us help you steer in the right direction.

Have a Company
Name in mind?

We'll do the name search for you free of charge!

A basic pre-screen search can be done to give you an indication of other businesses operating with your proposed name, and we’ll do that for free.

Lawnch Gives You More Bang For Your Buck​




Ability to consult with a corporate lawyer

Register from the comfort of your own home

Avoid the line-ups at the registry office

Are you ready for take- off?

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Annual Returns Reminder Service

We will contact you each year, by way of email, to attend to your corporation’s annual return filing.

Have a Company name in mind?

Let us find it for you!

A basic pre-screen search can be done to give you an indication of other businesses operating with your proposed name, and we’ll do that for free.