About Lawnch

Your first point of contact will be an actual lawyer with almost 20 years of corporate legal experience. When you reach out your message lands directly in a corporate lawyer's email or voicemail inbox, so they can assist you personally. If you have any question or suggestion, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Incorporation Made Easy

Starting a business has many challenges, but registering your company shouldn’t be one of them.

We saw an opportunity to help people get their big ideas off the ground faster, so we created a focused set of corporate services at flat-rate fees.

We’ve built simple online forms to give you need-to-know information and guide you through the incorporation process. Now you can incorporate your business in 24 hours or less, and for a fraction of what you’d pay at a traditional law firm.

We also help streamline corporate maintenance for business owners like you so they can focus on their passion. We can maintain your corporate minute book and submit your annual corporate returns and prepare annual resolutions for you. Plus, any additional needs you may have, such as changes in the business name, amendments to corporate documents, and everything in between — we’ve got you.

We currently offer incorporations in two jurisdictions, federal and Alberta.


Annual Returns Reminder Service

We will contact you each year, by way of email, to attend to your corporation’s annual return filing.

Have a Company name in mind?

Let us find it for you!

A basic pre-screen search can be done to give you an indication of other businesses operating with your proposed name, and we’ll do that for free.