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Introducing Lawnch!

Introducing Lawnch!

Starting a business has many challenges, but registering your company shouldn’t be one of them.

We saw an opportunity to help people get their big ideas off the ground faster, so we created a focused set of corporate services at flat-rate fees.

Formerly operating under the name EasyCo Law, we wanted our customers to know exactly the type of experience they could expect… easy.

While we’ve rebranded to Lawnch, you can expect the same easy and approachable experience as before.

We offer a fully digital solution from launch to land, meaning you can skip the law offices and registry lines!


We’ve built simple online forms to give you need-to-know information and guide you through the incorporation process. Now you can incorporate your business in 24 hours or less, and for a fraction of what you’d pay at a traditional law firm.


While you focus on your passion, we can maintain your corporate minute book, submit your annual corporate returns, and prepare annual resolutions for you.


Plus, any additional needs you may have, such as changes in the business name, amendments to corporate documents, and everything in between — we’ve got you.

Flat-rate fees for each service mean no hidden costs, and we will make sure you’re set up right and running smoothly, regardless of your business journey.

While we’ve moved corporate services online to save you time and money, we promise a human, helpful experience when you need it.

All our services come with full access to our team of legal professionals. Reach out to us at our new email address for more info!

For years we’ve helped entrepreneurs with their big ideas, and we can’t wait to help you #lawnch yours!

The content on this website is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or a legal opinion of any kind. Users of this website are advised to seek legal advice by contacting Lawnch (or other legal counsel) directly to discuss any specific legal issues.

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Annual Returns Reminder Service

We will contact you each year, by way of email, to attend to your corporation’s annual return filing.

Have a Company name in mind?

Let us find it for you!

A basic pre-screen search can be done to give you an indication of other businesses operating with your proposed name, and we’ll do that for free.