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#LAWNCHED: Bouka Performance & Wellness

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#LAWNCHED: Bouka Performance & Wellness

Want to run faster? Improve your sports agility? Gain overall strength? If you’ve got fitness-related resolutions, then you need to call Elie Bouka.

After playing in the NFL for two years with the Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles and in the CFL for four years with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Elie wanted to use his training to help other athletes achieve their goals.

Specializing in strength, conditioning and speed development for football, hockey and lacrosse athletes, Bouka Performance & Wellness is more than just a training program.

Elie uses a holistic approach with clients, with character development, performance and longevity all key components for success. The program is tailored for athletes of all levels. Furthermore, his energetic and encouraging demeanour makes him a natural teacher.

Throughout my time of almost a full year of training with Elie Bouka, I can truthfully say that he delivered some of the highest and outstanding training an athlete like myself could receive. Elie spent countless hours developing and strengthening; high school, junior, and collegiate level athletes to ensure we were all prepared for our upcoming 2021 and 2022 seasons. Elie and his company ‘Bouka Performance and Wellness’, not only demonstrated a high level of focus and attention to detail but created a culture dedicated to excellence.” – William Hunter, UBC Football

We were super happy helping Elie incorporate his business and he’s been a great help to some of the young athletes in our life!

When I started my business, I quickly realized that beyond being a coach, I had to fulfill the responsibilities of being a business owner, which was challenging at first. Lawnch was able to support me through incorporation and clarifying legalities so I could focus on everything else. They’re honestly so approachable and easy to work with. I am happy to have met them!” – Elie Bouka

While Elie is currently running a one-man show at Bouka Performance, he’s also completing his master’s in counseling psychology at Yorkville University. Watch out for him making more moves in the sports world!

Check out @boukaperformance_wellness on Instagram to see photos of Elie and his clients in action! Reach out to him by email at for more info.

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