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#LAWNCHED: Five’21 Roasters

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#LAWNCHED: Five’21 Roasters

How do you start the day? What are your rituals or routines?

Maybe a cup of coffee?

Our friends at Five’21 Roasters believe your morning cup of coffee could be the catalyst for a life lived with intention.

Founders, Trevor and Carina Huggins, started the business for two reasons; the first, a way to express their devout passion to coffee, and the second, to share stories about the relationship between beautiful and tragic experiences in life.

Trevor Huggins (L) and Matt Boudreau (R)

What went from roasting beans for fun in their kitchen, quickly turned into a growing local business. They were surfing in Hanalei Bay, Kau’ai when Carina had a very pressing urge to move forward with expanding their love of coffee into a company.

Trevor has been working as a first responder in Calgary for 10 years. He sees people on their best days and on their worst, in the first moments of their lives and in their last.

He believes in the importance of seizing the day and living life to our very best ability.

Carina’s fascination in human stories and connection has helped to build the business from the ground up, and her hope is to grow a collective of like-minded people to foster intentional living through Five’21—because coffee is great, but what people do after that cup is greater.

Carina Huggins

The company selects the finest organic beans from around the world, and they roast small-batches weekly for the freshest coffee. You can find their coffee brewed at the following in Calgary:

  • Mobsquad Cafe
  • Espresso Cafe
  • Cornerstone Cafe
  • Calgary Co-op Stores (24 Stores including Strathmore, High River and Airdrie)
  • Blush Lanes (3 locations in Calgary: Whyte Ave Edmonton)
  • Fresh and Local Market
  • Italian Centre Calgary

2021 was a big year for Five’21 Roasters!

The company continued to thrive despite supply chain snafus and various pandemic pressures, and the company raised money for amazing initiatives @reconciliationcanada @downiewenjack @therainbowsocietyofalberta, fundraised for the hardworking and talented @dfeatherstone @gracedafoe, and teamed up with neighbours @frescadesigns @buttermilkyyc. Talk about living with intention. 👏

Devin Featherstone set a Guinness World Record to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.

The company’s Instagram reads Life throws all kinds of stuff at us, it’s about how we adapt and perceive the part we play in it all. As we move into 2022 – how will YOU live with intention and live with purpose? and we couldn’t agree more.

We’re honoured to have helped this inspirational Calgary team in their business journey.

When we started the business we had a lot of priorities competing for our attention—a family, busy full-time jobs, and then the pressures of the pandemic. Lawnch was able to walk us through incorporation and make things easy so we didn’t have to take focus off other priorities.

Knowing we’re set up correctly helps us move forward with confidence and peace of mind. This is a great service they’re offering to the business community, and they couldn’t be nicer!” – Trevor Huggins

So, will you take a moment to pause, be present, and to be intentional with how you spend the day and live with purpose?

The Five’21 Roasters team hopes so, and that their coffee can be part of your morning routine!

Want to get your hands on some Five’21 Roasters coffee? Find it at @calgarycoop @blushlane @biteyyc or place an online order (nationwide shipping or local #yyc delivery M, W, F).

Swipe to see what the Five’21 Roasters team got up to in 2021. Visit for more info and sign up for the Five’21 Faithful mailing list for discounts and exclusive product releases.

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