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#LAWNCHED: Sexy AF Spirits

#LAWNCHED: Sexy AF Spirits

Botanicals sourced from around the word such as juniper, coriander, cardamom, a splash of soda and a lime to garnish. Everything for a perfect happy hour drink, right?

Everything except the alcohol that is… and that is just the way Calgary-based entrepreneur Jo-Anne Reynolds β€” and her thousands of customers worldwide β€” want it.

After a girls trip where guests’ alcohol-free beverage options were disappointingly limited, Jo made it her mission to create delicious options for non-drinkers everywhere.

Sexy AF The World’s Best Tasting Alcohol Free Spirits and a double gold award winning brand.

Founded in 2020, Sexy AF spirits crafts and distributes botanical-infused variations on gin, triple sec, amaro, and more recently: spiced rum and a cinnamon whisky. πŸ₯ƒ

The outdated stigma of the boring, dry, non-drinker is slowly fading. The “sober curious” and  “mindful drinking” movements have attracted scores of millennials and gen z’ers who’ve chosen to cut back on their alcohol consumption or abstain from alcohol altogether, either permanently or temporarily.

“Every day we hear feel good stories from people using our products, from pregnant women, religious communities, recovering alcoholics and more. People’s reasons for not drinking alcohol are so vast, we are tagged daily on social media with people sharing their SEXY AF sober success stories.” says Jo.

But non-drinkers still want delicious drinks!

Sexy AF spirits are handcrafted, 100% alcohol free, made from organic botanicals, vegan, kosher, sugar free, gluten free, low carb and low calorie. Yum!

Click for Dragon Fruit Mojito recipe!

Success for Sexy AF happened quickly and, after sales skyrocketed 3,500%, Jo was ready to incorporate the company.

β€œLawnch took the guess work and leg work out of the legalities of setting up a business and it was one less stress I had to deal with when starting my own company.”

Jo-Anne Reynolds, Sexy AF Spirits, Founder and CEO

We’re proud to be part of Sexy AF’s journey!

REMEMBER – Being alcohol free is anything but boring, and Sexy AF’s quirky and fun founder is proof of that!

Download the The Sexy AF Recipe Book Vol. 2 and visit for where to shop!

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We’ve met some amazing entrepreneurs over the years β€” and we think you should know them too! Each month we’ll be featuring one of the many inspiring Alberta entrepreneurs we’ve helped #lawnch their business.

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