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Lawnch Plans & Pricing

Legal retainers and hidden fees can blast your budget. With Lawnch, you don’t need to worry about that.

We charge flat-rates for our corporate support services and you get full access to our lawyers along the way.

Learn about our plans and pricing below!

Register Your Business





Lawnch Gives You More Bang For Your Buck​




Ability to consult with a corporate lawyer

Avoid the line-ups and register from the comfort of your own home

Complete Minute Book Binder prepared

Continued legal support after incorporation

Hassle-free online annual return

Online Payment options

There is a LOT of documentation with incorporating and when you do it yourself, it’s overwhelming. Our process includes absolutely everything that is needed to get you incorporated and organized. All documents and all filings.

This includes Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Organizational Resolutions, Registers, Share Certificates, Subscription Agreements, Consents, Registry Notices….and more.  With Lawnch, it’s all included and will be done right.

Need a registered office?
Your first year with us is free.

If you plan to incorporate, you are required to have a registered address in the province of Alberta. 

You have the option of using Lawnch’s office as your registered address, and when you incorporate with us your first year is absolutely free.

Discover the benefits of outsourcing your registered address, or learn more about incorporating by clicking below.

Corporate Maintenance

*If there are gaps in your minute book, we can help you remedy them. Contact us for more info and we’ll provide a quote.


$180 + GST

Big Bang

$375 + GST

Corporate Support Services

Changing your company name? Planning an amalgamation or dissolution?

We offer a variety of corporate support services at flat-rate fees.

Browse our list of corporate services by clicking below.

Need to talk to a human?

Call or shoot us a message today.

Annual Returns - Just The Basics

Annual Returns - Big Bang

Annual Returns Reminder Service

We will contact you each year, by way of email, to attend to your corporation’s annual return filing.

Have a Company name in mind?

Let us find it for you!

A basic pre-screen search can be done to give you an indication of other businesses operating with your proposed name, and we’ll do that for free.