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Don’t get sucked into the black hole of an unorganized business.  Keep your company in good standing and ensure smooth sailing with seamless annual returns and resolutions.

Lawnch will maintain your corporate minute book and remind you when it is time to submit your annual corporate returns and resolutions. 



Your annual return notifies the applicable government authority that your company is still active and details any changes you’ve made, such as address or board of directors. Federal or provincial, big or small, every corporation is legally obligated to file. If you do not file your annual return on time, your corporation may be dissolved.

Corporations are required by law to hold annual meetings of the shareholders (or pass written resolutions instead) and to keep the corporation’s records up to date. It is a written statement recording a binding corporate action, such as approval of financial statements, the election of directors, officers’ appointments, and more.


Plans and Pricing

*If there are gaps in your minute book, we can help you remedy them.
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$180 + GST

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$375 + GST

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